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This article was written by Resident Commissioner Colonel Carlos P. Romulo describing the state of other areas of the orient after the war if the United States wins.

n one of the last pictures to leave the Philippines before Manila fell to the Japs, General Douglas MacArthur (left) is shown pinning a Distinguished Service Cross on Captain Jesus A. Villamor, of the Philippine Air Force, for heroism in the air.

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This describes the Filipino arguments either for or against independence. The devastation of the Pacific War on the environment of the Philippines leaves this potentially new nation increasingly vulnerable so some political leaders begin to question…

The Philippines Await their DDay.pdf
This article is from the perspective of a Filipino general and describes the sacrifices made by Filipino forces since the surrender of American soldiers in 1942. General Romulo argues the Filipino's effort awaits the arrival of more American forces…

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This article describes the Japanese official responsible for the Bataan Death March. General Tomoyuki Yamashita took over command from Lieutenant General Homma and is presumed to be responsible for the attack on Bataan and the death march that…

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This article describes MacArthur's determination to revenge American forces and Filipino guerrilla's who died and fought during the Battle of Bataan in the spring of 1942. MacArthur targeted the Japanese soldiers who were responsible for the deaths…

Japanese pilot Nobuo Fujita, before 1945

Japanese fire balloon of mulberry paper reinflated at Moffett Field, CA after it had been shot down by a Navy aircraft January 10, 1945

US Army photo A 37180C.

Balloon now owned by the National Air and Space Museum.
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