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This article encourages American businesses to invest in the Philippines as they grow as a new nation. The increase in foreign investment with provide the Philippines with the economic support needed to rebuild their nation after the devastations of…

Return to Manila.pdf
General MacArthur formally returns civilian power over to President Osmena before official independence is granted several months into the future.

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This article describes the Filipino after the close of World War II. Written by Gen. Wainwright, this book review of General Carlos P. Romulo's second book reveals an American general's perspective of a leader from the Philippines and the noble…

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This article describes the necessity for the United States Congress to pass two bills in order to aid the Philippines in their recovery after World War II. Congress is scolded for their delay as Philippine Independence arrives fast.

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This article describes the day the Philippines gained their independence from the United States. The author describes the Filipino's difficult road to freedom and the devastation of World War II on the physical landscape of the new nation.

Freem, little else, for the philippines.pdf
Before official independence was granted to the Philippines, World War II had devastated the island and leaving its inhabitants in a difficult position to rehabilitate their nation. This article describes US efforts to aid the new nation of the…

Filipinos protesting legislation amending grant of independence.pdf
This article describes Filipino opposition to American presence in the Philippines following the island's independence. The current legislation allows the United States government the right to retain property after the independence date. Filipino…

Truman promises aid to philippines.pdf
This post-war account of the United States and Philippines relationship describes a commitment from President Truman to aid the Philippines in rebuilding their war-torn nation.
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