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chaplin globe.mp4
A clip from Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" featuring the iconic scene where the dictator delicately dances with a globe representing what he intends to conquer.

A still image from a World War II newsreel that informed Americans what was going on with the armed forces around the world.

lib clip.mp4
A newsreel clip depicting the liberation of France and how the American forces came in to help.

amgoes to war.mp4
A newsreel used by the United States in order to spread information. This particular clip informs the public on what is happening in Alaska and what the men are facing.

A poster used in World War II featuring Dorie Miller, an African American man who fought in World War II, in order to appeal to a variety of races and to show that we are not discriminating.

An image featuring a strong, heroic looking man loading ammunition. The words "Man the Guns! Join the U.S. Navy" are displayed in bright red lettering in an attempt to recruit men.

A poster used in World War II featuring a happy, heroic pilot trying to get others to join his cause in fighting the enemy.

amr clip 2.mp4
A short clip from the seventh film of the Why We Fight series by Frank Capra called "War Comes to America" In which they talk about how World War II has impacted the states and why we entered.

A still image taken from Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" from the scene where he as the Jewish barber and the dictator are merged and he gives his famed speech.

Collage Headlines.jpg
4 different newspaper headlines during WWII
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