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This footage shows the bombing of Manila and covers the life military career of General Douglas MacArthur.

Freem, little else, for the philippines.pdf
Before official independence was granted to the Philippines, World War II had devastated the island and leaving its inhabitants in a difficult position to rehabilitate their nation. This article describes US efforts to aid the new nation of the…

Filipinos protesting legislation amending grant of independence.pdf
This article describes Filipino opposition to American presence in the Philippines following the island's independence. The current legislation allows the United States government the right to retain property after the independence date. Filipino…

Saga of Juan, Filipino Guerrilla- Here is the story, that of many Juans who fought the hated Japanese invader.pdf
This article glorifies the Filipino guerrilla for his efforts throughout the battles in the Philippines. Filipino forces exhibit greater unity under the direction of MacArthur and constantly tried to get information to the United States about…

out (36) (1).pdf
This describes the Filipino arguments either for or against independence. The devastation of the Pacific War on the environment of the Philippines leaves this potentially new nation increasingly vulnerable so some political leaders begin to question…

The Filipino Ponders article.png
Includes a detailed description of the physical appearance of Filipinos, and discusses why Filipinos would desire independence or a continued relationship with the United States in the wake of Japanese militarization in Asia.
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