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This article was written by Resident Commissioner Colonel Carlos P. Romulo describing the state of other areas of the orient after the war if the United States wins.

n one of the last pictures to leave the Philippines before Manila fell to the Japs, General Douglas MacArthur (left) is shown pinning a Distinguished Service Cross on Captain Jesus A. Villamor, of the Philippine Air Force, for heroism in the air.

Captain Jesus Villamor, commanding officer of the 6th Pursuit Squadron, Philippine Army Air Corps, is pictured getting out of plane after returning from a flight to Batangas Field. The youth, who leads a daredevil squadron of six Filipino pilots in…

Illustration shows George F. Hoar, Carl Schurz, David B. Hill, and former Massachusetts Governor George S. Boutwell, anti-expansionists, placing their "Anti-Expansion Speech" at the feet of a huge American soldier holding a rifle and the American…

This footage shows the bombing of Manila and covers the life military career of General Douglas MacArthur.

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This article encourages American businesses to invest in the Philippines as they grow as a new nation. The increase in foreign investment with provide the Philippines with the economic support needed to rebuild their nation after the devastations of…

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This article serves as a response to Russian acusations that the Philippines stands as a puppet government for the United States. A Philippine Foreign Office spokesman refuted such claims during the beginning years of the Cold War.
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