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Manuel Quezon, Filipino and Patriot.pdf
This is a book review and character review of Manuel Quezon and his book The Good Fight. President Quezon is portrayed as the ideal Filipino throughout the war and now represents the future of his nation.

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This describes the Filipino arguments either for or against independence. The devastation of the Pacific War on the environment of the Philippines leaves this potentially new nation increasingly vulnerable so some political leaders begin to question…

image-Fighting Filipino.png
President Quezon describes the fighting spirit of the Filipinos who are still fighting against the Japanese forces. The image of the "Fighting Filipinos" depicts a warrior continually waving the banner for freedom against Japan.

Quezon mark corregidor fall.pdf
President Quezon of the Philippines writes to a father of a fallen soldier of the Battle of Bataan. Quezon also glorifies the actions of those who fought during the battle, both Filipino and American

Bataan before and after.pdf
A book review of Before Bataan and After, by Frederic S. Marquardt. Marquardt was a Filipino who survived Bataan and describes the scene of battle and the role of America's interests in country.

President urges a free philippines.pdf
President Roosevelt requests independence for the Philippines immediately during World War II

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President Roosevelt addresses the efforts made by Filipino forces in Bataan

Quezon says ideal.pdf
Death of Filipinos during the Battle of Bataan was for the fight for freedom.

Bataan gift to Roosevelt.pdf
The Philippine president presented the United States with a boat to symbolize their unity in their fight against the Japanese

Filipinos still divided on freedom.pdf
Debate over Filipinos independence and the opinion of individuals in the Philippines
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