Volunteer for Vietnam

Todd Leisy Vietnam Recruitment Center

People standing in line at a recruitment center

Todd Leisy volunteered for the Marines right out of high school. He joinded them on July 7, 1969 in Englewood Colorado. He did a delayed enlistment program and on September 23, 1969 was sent to Marine Corps Recruiting Station in San Diego California. 

Todd had two reasons to volunteer. "The first one was a deep sense of patriotism for our country.  In spite of all its faults over the centuries it is still one of the greatest countries in history"- Todd Leisy.

The second one was based on the thoughts of a young and dumb high school kid. " During my senior year I realized I still had absolutely no idea of what I wanted to do with my life.  I figured why waste my parent’s money going to college, then get drafted and killed in a foreign war. Might as well take my chances up front and if I survived maybe by then I’d know what I wanted to do and then I would go to college"-Todd Leisy.