Todd Leisy in Vietnam

Todd Leisy volunteered for the Marines on July 7, 1969. He served in Vietnam from September 1970 to June 1971. He was a Special Radio Operator. Todd was located in DaNang and Landing Zone Baldy. He was in the 1st Radio Battalion. After the withdrawl from Vietnam he was later transfered to the 2nd Radio Battalion. 

Todd Leisy is originally from the small town of West Point Nebraska and as a young child moved with his family to Colorado. Then, when he graduated high school he joined the Marines. After finishing his duty in the Marines he went back to Colorado with his family and moved to Wisner Nebraska where he meet his wife. They have one child and she lives in Arizona with her family. Todd spilts his time between Wisner and Arizona by spending the winter in Arizona with his family. Then, comes back to Winser in the spring. He is very involved with the Wisner community by being on the board for the Wisner Museum and is also on the board for the Norewiegn Cemetery with his cousins Randy and Terry Johnson. 


Andrew Johnson