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Living with PTSD

     It has been almost 50 years since Ronald was in Vietnam. There is not a day that he doesn't suffer. When he came back he went to trade school. He not only became a mechanic but opened and operated his own shop called R & G services. He often found himself working sixteen hour days at multiple jobs to stop him from thinking about it. This went on for many years before he retired. It wasn't until 2010 that he began to seek help from the VA for not only PTSD but also for having problems catching his breath.

     PTSD has not only affected him but also his family member. He has two daughters and two grandchildren, and a wife that have to live with the fact that his health will never be the same every day. Since 2010 it has been an uphill battle. Originally being diagnosed with COP, Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia. Later being told that he also has Eczema. Neither of these diagnoses or medications made it easier for him to breath. 

      In 2017 he was evaluated for his PTSD. He was asked to fill out many documents talking about his involvement in Vietnam and what caused him to have PTSD. Some of these questions that were asked were about suicide, family history, and medical history. 

      It is estimated that 31% of Vietnam veterans suffer from PTSD. if you are looking for help on how to deal with PTSD please visit;