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Bob Hope's visit

Bob Hope's visit 1969

Bob Hope spent 12 years Christmas' in Vietnam. He often "joked with those serving in the ’60s that he knew their fathers had seen him in World War II." (Rothman). Bob Hope was a stand-up comedian. He also is known for being a singer, actor, dancer, and author. He was an entertainer for the troops. He would travel during WWII, the Korean War, and  Vietnam War. In addition to The Lebanon civil war, the Iran-Iraq War, and the Persian Gulf War. During all of these wars, he would perform 57 times. He was known for having high regards for everyone that served in the military. As you can expect during the Vietnam war he had a hard time getting others to come to perform with him. He was named an "honorary Veteran" by Bill Clinton. 

Ronald has a couple pictures from when Bob Hope came to visit. They often consisted of large crowds of men all looking in one direction. When Bob Hope visited in 1969 he visited Long Binh. It was thought that this once again could help raise the troop's spirits. This is something that Ronald can still remember vividly to this day. To get an idea of what it is like view this video.