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vietnam project 5.jpg
Men standing in a recruitment center

vietnam project 4.jpg
ARVN forces watching the road

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Hackettstown, New Jersey. Ryan Albertson, aged six—who suffers from spina bifida—and his father, Kelly Albertson. Ryan's grandfather James Albertson was in the army in Vietnam during the war and was exposed to Agent Orange.

eric ramsey.jpg
Dallas, Texas. Eric Ramsey, 35, who suffers from hydrocephalus and has a deformed foot and hand. A large part of his brain is also missing. Eric's father was a Marine during the Vietnam War and was severely wounded by a land mine and exposed to Agent…

Mike Ryan.jpg
Each day Mike Ryan takes a handful of medications to address many of the health issues he attributes to his exposure to Agent Orange while serving between '67 and '68.

Vietnam veteran James Burdge, 34, of Long Branch, New Jersey shows the long rashes across his arms that he developed from working with Agent Orange. Under his clothes, the rashes cover half of his body.

Phan Thanh Hung Duc.jpg
Phan Thanh Hung Duc, 20, a patient at the Tu Du Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, last October.

Agent Orange 1.jpg
Planes spraying Agent Orange 20 miles southeast of Saigon in 1970.

vietnam project 3.jpg
Crew sitting in a helicopter

Ronald began was stationed in Long Binh, located between Bien Hoa and Saigon. During his time in Vietnam, he visited every base between Saigon and Cambodia. Because of this, he has seen a large portion of southeast Vietnam.
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