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Gulf of Tonkin Response.jpe
A cable from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to The Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet authorizing an airstrike in retaliation for the second gulf of Tonkin incident.

The official portrait of John F. Kennedy, painted by Aaron Shikler in 1970.

IMG_3309 (2).JPG
A photograph of Alfred J. Mirabelli for his Alameda Yacht Club Commodore status.


A picture featuring the U.S.S. Repose, a Navy Hospital Ship that was active on and off between 1945 and 1970.

A picture of the living quarters that Alfred J. Mirabelli stayed in while stationed at Phu Bai. The image is labeled by Mirabelli highlighting where his bed and foxhole were.

A picture of a United States Military ambulance.

A photograph featuring a landscape view of the United States military base at Phu Bai, just south of Hue, Vietnam.

An ambiguous image featuring a man on a bed in the Battalion Aid Station at Phu Bai. It is unclear from the image whether the man is alive or dead.

A photograph of a M109 howitzer at Phu Bai in Vietnam.

Thai Hoa Palace.jpg
A photo taken of the Thai Hoa Palace in Hue, Vietnam
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