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rpd in vietnam.jpg
A Viet Cong soldier using a RPD circa 1960s.

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NVA with ak.jpg
An NVA soldier holding his Chinese Type 56 circa 1960s.

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ak in vietnam.jpg
NVA soldiers advancing in the field with their AKs, circa 1960s.

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modern day SVD.jpg
Image of a soldier holding his SVD in modern times

dragunov in vietnam.jpg
An NVA soldier firing his Dragunov SVD, circa 1960s.

VC propaganda.jpg
Three Viet Cong pose with SKS' and a flag.

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french legionnaires.jpg
French Legionnaires in Vietnam, circa 1950s, one armed with a MAS 49/56.

NVA mas 49.jpg
An NVA soldier using a captured MAS 49/56 with the help of a spotter, circa 1960s. Note the optic mounted to the rifle

This is a Vietnamese copy of the Makarov, the K59. This one was captured in Saigon.

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3rd brigade.jpg
Group photo of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division (Golden Brigade) arriving in Vietnam in 1968 with many M79s present.
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