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Life in the United States During the Vietnam War


The Vietnam War was one of the longest military conflicts in the history of the United States. Thousands died fighting thousands of miles from home. Life in the United States during the Vietnam War was tumultuous. The timing of the War coincided with some of the most impactful movements in American history. What was it like to live in the United States during this time? How did people's perceptions of the war change with the president, news coverage, or other events? 

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Vietnam Veterans Against the War

VVAW Demonstrate Poster.jpg

The Vietnam War to this day remains one of the most controversial wars in modern United States history.  There were Americans who supported this all-in approach to prevent the spread of communism and those who were staunchly against it.  Muisicians like Bob Dylan, Buffy Sainte Marie, Neil Young and others spearheaded a very public opposition to this war.  Students from hundreds of college campuses across the country vehemently disagreed with the war and let this be known at massive demonstrations.  There was another group that was a major part of the antiwar movement.  In 1967, Vietnam Veterans Against the War was founded by six veterans.  The organization shaped some Americans' opinion on whether the United States should be involved in the war to begin with.  The organization continues to this day, as their website states it is "continuing its fight for peace, justice, and the rights of all veterans."

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