Richard Armitage in Saigon and UNO

Richard Armitage Image

Richard Armitage, Vietnam Veteran who served 3 1/2 tours.

Richard Lee Armitage is a Vietnam Veteran who served multiple tours in Vietnam and featured heavily in the Pentagon assistant secretary of dense in both internal security affairs and defence for east Asia and Pacific Affairs. He has received multiple honours and awards from not only the United States but recognition from other countries military and hierarchy with appointments and honours from the likes of Australia, New Zealand and even Romania. Armitage went on three and a half separate tours of Vietnam after he graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1967. A huge asset that Armitage had over many other US commanders and soldiers was that he could speak Vietnamese which was very rare from such kind of soldiers.  This meant he was able to give orders and lead a team of South Vietnamese soldiers and speak to them in their native language which sometimes commanders had issues with as they were giving orders through a translator so these orders were direct from the commander.

Luckily enough UNO had the chance to not only hear from Richard Amrmitage but also from Dan Nguyen a Vietnamese man who was also at the fall of Saigon and the pair hadnt met again since the Fall in 1975. This video is from 2016 in a special Vietnam evening and this particular talk was hosted by Dr. Blansett. This video talks about the Fall of Saigon and also the aftermath for the pair. 

Richard Armitage