The Known, But Unseen Enemy of the Vietnam War

Many solider who went to Vietnam talked about the hardship they had to endure during their time in country.  Most of the soldiers who spent time in Vietnam for the Army were draftees, men who were randomly selected to serve when the Army did not have enough man power needed to complete the task at hand.  These men were selected from desk jobs, office custodian, college students, etc. they were indiscriminately picked to serve.  This solves one problem but builds into many other problems, this can help the Army’s lack of personnel, but creates a problem with men who are not as physically fit, and not as well trained as other prior enlisted men.  The geography of Vietnam does not lend well to people who are under-trained and not as physical fit.  Under trained and under fit soldiers weren’t the only victims of the geography just like the draft the geography indiscriminately picked different people to affect.  Some of the problem’s soldiers had to faces when it came to Vietnam was physical terrain, the climate with it’s monsoon and dry seasons, and the jungle vegetation and the problems it had with troop movements and men’s health, all played a part in the outcome of the Vietnam War.


William Donovan