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Trench Foot.jpg
US military poster telling soldiers to keep soldier feet dry

A poster used in World War II featuring Dorie Miller, an African American man who fought in World War II, in order to appeal to a variety of races and to show that we are not discriminating.

An image featuring a strong, heroic looking man loading ammunition. The words "Man the Guns! Join the U.S. Navy" are displayed in bright red lettering in an attempt to recruit men.

A poster used in World War II featuring a happy, heroic pilot trying to get others to join his cause in fighting the enemy.

motherland calls.jpg
The Motherland Calls propaganda poster. a woman in red looks at the viewer with one arm outstretched, rifles behind her and paper in one hand

she talked.png
She Talked, this happened poster, showing what would happen with careless talk. A woman on the top half mentioning that someone is leaving, with a sunken ship on the bottom half to demonstrate what occurred because of it.

United Nations stand for freedom.png
Poster with ships tanks and planes moving to the right. Various flags of allied nations are in the smoke above these objects.

This is a World War II-era recruitment poster for the Army Nurse Corps. It features a white woman in uniform, stating "You are needed now."

This poster, created in either 1942 or '43, depicts a young white woman wearing her WAAC uniform, holding what appears to be a whistle. She stands against a background showing a marching formation of American soldiers.

This World War II-era colored poster was used as a recruitment tool for the WAC (Women's Army Reserve) after its creation in 1943. A pretty, young white woman stands in her army drab against a background of a fluttering American flag, representing…
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