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chaplin globe.mp4
A clip from Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" featuring the iconic scene where the dictator delicately dances with a globe representing what he intends to conquer.

amr clip 2.mp4
A short clip from the seventh film of the Why We Fight series by Frank Capra called "War Comes to America" In which they talk about how World War II has impacted the states and why we entered.

A still image taken from Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" from the scene where he as the Jewish barber and the dictator are merged and he gives his famed speech.

Chaplin dictator.png
A still image from Charlie Chaplin's film, "The Great Dictator" in which he plays a dual role as a dictator, representing Adolf Hitler, and a Jewish barber. In this image his Dictator, Adenoid Hynkle, is delivering a speech comprised mostly of…

A still image featuring the title page from "Prelude to War" of the Why We Fight series made by Frank Capra.

An animation depicting the fragmented state of China in comparison to the unified state of Japan from the The Battle of China, the sixth film in the Why We Fight series.

A screen capture from Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" trailer featuring himself as "The barber" and Paulette Goddard, the woman he loves.

A behind the scenes photo from The Horse Soldiers. The picture shows actors John Wayne and Constance Towers, director John Ford, and cinematographer William H. Clothier.

A promotional still from the 1939 film Stagecoach, published on the front cover of National Board of Review Magazine. Actor John Ford is the main subject of the still.

the searchers.jpg
A scene from the John Ford classic The Searchers. The film is the apex of both the Western genre and Ford's filmography. It shows the complex nature of Victory Culture in post-WWII.

The scene is between a Civil War veteran Ethan Edwards (John…
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