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An image featuring a strong, heroic looking man loading ammunition. The words "Man the Guns! Join the U.S. Navy" are displayed in bright red lettering in an attempt to recruit men.

A poster used in World War II featuring a happy, heroic pilot trying to get others to join his cause in fighting the enemy.

Bataan-Japanese piling up bodies.pdf
To remember the death of the soldiers of Bataan, this article depicts Japanese forces piling up bodies from those killed at the Battle of Bataan

The Filipino Ponders article.png
Includes a detailed description of the physical appearance of Filipinos, and discusses why Filipinos would desire independence or a continued relationship with the United States in the wake of Japanese militarization in Asia.

Filipinos still divided on freedom.pdf
Debate over Filipinos independence and the opinion of individuals in the Philippines

Shadow of Japan.png
Includes a map of the Philippines and Japanese conquest of Asia.
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