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Filipinos protesting legislation amending grant of independence.pdf
This article describes Filipino opposition to American presence in the Philippines following the island's independence. The current legislation allows the United States government the right to retain property after the independence date. Filipino…

Manuel Quezon, Filipino and Patriot.pdf
This is a book review and character review of Manuel Quezon and his book The Good Fight. President Quezon is portrayed as the ideal Filipino throughout the war and now represents the future of his nation.

Truman promises aid to philippines.pdf
This post-war account of the United States and Philippines relationship describes a commitment from President Truman to aid the Philippines in rebuilding their war-torn nation.

Saga of Juan, Filipino Guerrilla- Here is the story, that of many Juans who fought the hated Japanese invader.pdf
This article glorifies the Filipino guerrilla for his efforts throughout the battles in the Philippines. Filipino forces exhibit greater unity under the direction of MacArthur and constantly tried to get information to the United States about…

out (36) (1).pdf
This describes the Filipino arguments either for or against independence. The devastation of the Pacific War on the environment of the Philippines leaves this potentially new nation increasingly vulnerable so some political leaders begin to question…

The Philippines Await their DDay.pdf
This article is from the perspective of a Filipino general and describes the sacrifices made by Filipino forces since the surrender of American soldiers in 1942. General Romulo argues the Filipino's effort awaits the arrival of more American forces…

The killer of bataan.pdf
This article describes the Japanese official responsible for the Bataan Death March. General Tomoyuki Yamashita took over command from Lieutenant General Homma and is presumed to be responsible for the attack on Bataan and the death march that…

MacArthur and Philippines.pdf
This article is a specific report on General MacArthur's actions throughout the war on the Pacific. MacArthur's intentions are described as patriotic and inspiration for both American and Filipino forces throughout the Philippines.

Bataan Torturers.pdf
This article describes MacArthur's determination to revenge American forces and Filipino guerrilla's who died and fought during the Battle of Bataan in the spring of 1942. MacArthur targeted the Japanese soldiers who were responsible for the deaths…

50,000 Taken Prisoners.pdf
This serves as an official casualty report of those who died in Bataan both American and Filipino, male and female. This report was provided in 1944 so information of those who were killed before and after the surrender of Bataan forces did not come…
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