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Bataan Coup Won.pdf
General MacArthur is the image applied to the battle in Bataan but there is further fighting to occur.

Filipino workers.pdf
Filipino-Americans raise funds to purchase a bomber for the US Military that will participate in the Pacific Theater

Bataan's 98 Days a Terrible ordeal.pdf
This describes the battle of Bataan and the energy and fight by Filipino forces

Report on Bataan 1942.pdf
a lack of communication between the Philippines and the United States because of the fighting between Axis and Allied forces

Describes the men of Bataan and the starvation they faced before they surrendered to Japan.

Guerrillas check the invaders.pdf
Describes Filipino soldiers trying to get information to the United States about Japanese movements in the Philippines

Philippines Lost.pdf
The article that describes the loss of the Philippines to Japan and the surrender of arms and soldiers by the United States

Bataan-Japanese piling up bodies.pdf
To remember the death of the soldiers of Bataan, this article depicts Japanese forces piling up bodies from those killed at the Battle of Bataan
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