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Several Seahorse helicopters (the marine corps variant of the Choctaw), 1962.

A Choctaw in flight.

An H-34 "Stinger," equipped with an early version of the weapons package that would later be used by the Huey.

A close-up the Stinger's nose, highlighting the weapon system.

rpd in vietnam.jpg
A Viet Cong soldier using a RPD circa 1960s.

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NVA with ak.jpg
An NVA soldier holding his Chinese Type 56 circa 1960s.

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ak in vietnam.jpg
NVA soldiers advancing in the field with their AKs, circa 1960s.

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modern day SVD.jpg
Image of a soldier holding his SVD in modern times

dragunov in vietnam.jpg
An NVA soldier firing his Dragunov SVD, circa 1960s.

NVA propaganda.jpg
Poster depicting an NVA soldier loading his SKS.

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