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  • Collection: The American Experience in World War II

Illustration shows William Jennings Bryan attempting to tear down American flags in Cuba and the Philippines; the spirit of General Henry Ware Lawton, who was killed in the Philippines, orders Bryan to "Halt!" The stripes on the American flag in the…

camp toccoa - men training.jpg
men of the 506th during Basic Training

Camp Toccoa - rope climb.jpg
Rope Climb performed by the 506th during basic training

fort benning ariborne training.jpg
Men parachuting from towers along guide wires

506th final training jump from c-47.jpg
Last test jump of the 506th during jump school out of a C-47

From the Lone Ranger television series which aired 1949-1957, Clayton Moore played Lone Ranger and Jay Silverheels at Tonto. This photo is from a scene in the show.

Also known as the man with the black mask, the Lone Ranger is seen here with his white horse. This was a publicity photograph meant to promote the show at Pleasure Island theme park.

Superman during the New Deal era, was set to promote the "cleaning up" of America. As seen by destroying slum communities
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