Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong with Trumpet

Louis is seen here preparing to play his famous trumpet, 1944.


Louis Armstrong was one of the top colored jazz performers to arise from the 20th century. Born into poverty in New Orleans, he quickly rose to his musical stature with his early success in Chicago in the early '30s. Soon after, he was not some trumpet player from Louisiana, he was a national icon for jazz. Armstrong's music gave its listeners a rememberance of better days; it was full of life and enjoyment. During the war, Armstrong did his part also. Around those war years, many artists had adopted the ever-famous 'dear john letter' into their music. Louis did as well in his 1945 hit, "I Wonder". The song tells of a man wondering if his woman is off running around with someone else while he is away at war. His music also gave a sense of hope to many African-American servicemen/women who hoped for reform and equality. Armstrong's legacy continued well after his death and still survives today. 

The Music

As I have stated above, this song truly does show the similarities between musicians and their work in the war years.