Nazi "Ratlines"

This OSS declassified document is a break down of German influenced industry in Argentina.  Shows German funding going into businesses and industry begining in 1939 to 1942.  Part of an investigation into Nazi "Ratlines".

Declassified documents showing the United States involvement with Nazis immigrating to Argentina from Europe.  This document shows ship manifests to South America with known Nazis aboard.  Argentine citizens of German birth and passport forgeries.  Mentions possible Spanish involvement with smuggling Nazis into South America.


What is the Nazi link with South America?

Walter Rauff is seen with a Chilean police officer after his 1962 arrest.

CIA memo of Colonel Rauf

CIA document after the war shows Colonel Rauf, Nazi SS Officer, hired as a military advisor Syrian Intelligence.  Accused in this memo of torturing Jewish people in Syria


Otto Gruber, former non-commissioned SS officer working with Colonel Rauff in Syria.  His account states Rauff's intentions of emigrating to South America.  Gruber cooperated with American intelligence service in hopes of being employed by Americans in Cairo, Egypt.