Cliff Keslar's USO Tour 1969

For anyone who is not aware of what the USO is and what they do for the troops, here is a little background about the USO.

The USO was founded shortly before WWII in February of 1941.  The USO was formed by the joining of six different organizations; the Salvation Army, (YMCA) Young Men’s Christian Association,  (YWCA) Young Women’s Christian Association, National Catholic Community Service, National Travelers Aid Association and the National Jewish Welfare Board.  The USO's main objective is to raise the morale of the troops.  They bring celebrities, professional athletes, musicians, as well as comedians to perform for the troops.  It can range from a huge show like Bob Hope's Christmas Special filmed in Vietnam, to Dalton Fuller and the Nebraska Playboys, my great uncle's Band.  Each act was assigned a marine protection detail due to the bounties that were placed on them.  Bob Hope had a $250,000 bounty and never spent a night in Vietnam, after each show he was flown back to thailand.  Dalton Fuller and the Nebraska Playboys, spent the majority of their tour in Vietnam, even staying in the barracks.  However, part of their tour was in Thailand.