Free World Forces Manufacture

       American and the Free World Forces weaponry encompasses a plethora of different firearms. The United States had the iconic M14 and subsequently, the M16, as their main combat rifle from the 1950s onward.  These were well-made rifles capable of a lot of firepower contrary to their size. They were strong, dependable rifles made to last. “Most American equipment was of their own manufacture; used other small quantities of weapons from other nations, Heckler and Koch for example”. The other nations had weapons similar in caliber however. England had their own main rifle, the Belgian made FN FAL. While the British did not actually engage in full combat commitment, it was similar to the M14 in their length and configuration. Australian forces, being a commonwealth nation, used the FAL as well. ARVN forces used American supplied firearms as well as American surplus uniforms and equipment. France used their own rifles, the MAS 36 and 49, which were rifles, and the MAS 38, a submachine gun.

Allied Sources of Manufacture