Pistolet Makarova

  Copied from the German Walther PP pistol from the 1930s, the Makarov was designed by Soviet armsman Nikolay Fyodorovich Makarov. The Soviet Union adopted it in the early 1950s. It soon was adopted by all Warsaw Pact nations as their official sidearm. It used a 9mm cartridge and operated from a blowback self loading double action system with an eight round magazine.The pistol was manufactured thereafter by many of these Soviet blocs as well as China which renamed it the Type 59. 

  As for Vietnam experience, it saw use by the North Vietnamese. They used Soviet made ones (observable with a star on the center of the grip) while also manufacturing a few of their own which they named the K59. The pistol was very dependable while also having significant stopping power similar to what the Allied countries had. It worked decently well in the humidity and jungle, one reason being because of the plastic grip panels that did not warp with the heat akin to traditional wood panels used by other nations. To this day, the pistol is used widely with many African, Asian, and Eurasian countries.