American Film and Propaganda in World War II

Throughout the course of history we have seen various forms of propaganda to try and push a, typically political, agenda to a mass amount of people. In this paper we will explore the many forms used by The United States throughout the course of World War II. The Americans used many forms of media at hand whether it was film, posters, comic books, and more. From the iconic Rosie the Riveter to Uncle Sam, even today we still recognize and honor propaganda from decades before us. Though many of these forms of propaganda spawned immense patriotism and nationalism throughout the country, they also sparked more racism and stereotyping that would spread like wildfire across the country. Despite all of this, the propaganda machine played a major role in winning the war for us at home as well as the war abroad. 


Curated by Alex Shaner in Fall 2016 for the course American Experience in World War II