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Magazine Article during Vietnam

The Strange War, The U.S. is not winning is the title of this article and it was published by United States News on September 30th, 1963. 

This article is about the ongoing war in Vietnam and how Americans are caught up in South Vietnam. It talks about how in the Mekong River Delta you will find what really happens in the fight against communism. The U.S. is not winning this war and it could still be lost. When something goes wrong in the Delta minor task forces of top American experts from Saigon reach the battle area and their job is to find out what's going on in engagment and make a judgement of communist capabilties. The communist have taken over this area for years. People pay taxes to communist Viet Cong. There are few families who haven't contributed to communist guerilla forces. The communist hold is tight and will be hard to break. 

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Magazine article in present day

Magazine Article in present day

The article is about Max Hasting's phenomenal "Vietnam; An Epic Tragedy", a review by Mark Lawrence. As things escalated in 1964, communist operatives strong- armed increasing numbers of South Vietnamese peasants into guerilla forces wanting to over throw the U.S.-backed government in Saigon. For alot of young men drafted at this time, it was an awful and detrimental experience being in the war. Sometimes revolutionaries struggle to overthrow a corrupt South Vietnamese regime and get rid of their nation of American invaders. Focused on controlling it's destiny. Saigon defends a flawed but democratically mirrored South Vietnam from Communist forces determined to subject to Stalinist tyranny.

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Magazine Article about Vietnam War

Time magazine article about Vietnam War

Ben Cosgrove writes about an article that was groundbreaking at the time of its debut. He recounts a journal article published in Time Magazine in the 60's; highlighting Larry Burrows, a photojournalist in the war. The article included never before seen photos taken by Burrows on the battle floor. News and media used to depict current events in a more conspicuous and raw way than they do/can now. Larry Burrow's article shed light on the horrors of the war that most of the public was not aware of, giving society a different view and look into the politics of the war. Burrow's and his crew were killed in Vietnam but his presence remains in his documentations and works of art. 

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Magazine articles