Fifth Column? The German-American Bund

German-American Bund rally in New York

A New York rally with 20, 000 attendees.

German-American Bund ceremony

A Bund ceremony. Notice the swastikas in the background.

Germany had put great stock in the importance of influencing American politics and as such supported the efforts of the German-American Bund (USHMM). The bund was a pro Nazi organisation in the United States in the years leading up to World War Two. It was notably anti-semitic, and advocated for the United States to adopt more policies that Nazi Germany had used, like an autocratic style of government, more repression on minorities, and to take a neutral stance in regards to German aggression in Europe. (USHMM). The group advertised and attempted to gain more members for its cause, and while it’s registered member list never went above thirty thousand nation wide. the group is famous for a rally in New York in which 20, 000 people attended and sauteed using the German “Heil Hitler”  salute. (USHMM)