British Espionage

She Talked, this happened

Another take on the loose lips sink ships concept, this poster showcases the very real fear of somone inadvertently helping the enemy.

Britain created one of the most successful spy operations in history, which ended up both denying any real intelligence to leave Great Britain, and allowed the British to feed Germany fake information to confuse their war effort. This operation went by the name of “Double Cross”. It was organized by MI-6, the British foreign spying organization, and either captured, killed, or turned traitor every German spy in Great Britain. It started when Arthur Owens, a Welshmen, offered his services to Great Britain, and reported German shipping. On a trip to Germany he was convinced to become a spy for them. Upon returning, he went to MI-6 and turned traitor on the Germans(Russel, 22-24)! With Owen's help the British  were able to find spies, and either capture them, kill them, or have them send back fake intelligence to Germany. German high command would make Owen's their chief spy for great britain, giving him information on when more spies would be parachuted into the country and trusting him completely. Great Britain was able to take advantage of this trust and make German spy efforts in Great Britain all but useless. Another damaging aspect for the Germans is that they were not even aware of what happened to their agents. While everything appeared on the level for German high command, but in reality the Germans were completely taken by surprise. (Russel, 22-26)