Biggest Secret, Keeping the Bomb Hidden

Able test of Operation Crossroads

The sheer size of an atomic explosion made finding a testing site hugely important.

Nothing quite represents the American technological superiority and innovation of the Second World War like the Manhattan Project and the nuclear bombs it produced. Weapons of such tremendous strength had to be kept hidden at multiple levels. From the Production facilities built in locations chosen due to their remoteness. To the extensive physical defences of every location involved in the project. (Brown, 15). Along with those were extensive programs to keep the existence and purpose of these facilities secret. Those building the initial facilities would often be compartmentalized so that they wouldn’t have the full idea of what was being built. The United States also made use of prisoner labor, as the government could more easily order and maintain isolation on prisoners and civilians, along with the obvious cost benefits during a war where many men are going off to fight or work in factories. (Brown, 20). As the war continued and the work on the project got more and more intense the FBI ramped up the security procedures, doing even more in the way of background checks and other defences against saboteurs or possible enemy agents.